You have not lived a perfect day unless you have done something for someone who can never repay you
Ruth Smeltzer

Women of the Future - Saïd Business School Programme, April 28, 2016

28 April 2016

On the 28th April Pinky took 40 women from across the Women of the Future initiatives for a day session on ‘Transformational leadership for Women’ at Saïd Business School in Oxford.

Here is an insight of the day from one of our WOF Alumni who was invited to attend.

Think about the most influential negotiator in your workplace and, chances are, the person most likely to come to mind will be a man.
It seems gender has a lot to answer for when it comes to the art of getting your ideas listened to and decisions made.
But, the good news is, with a bit of learned behaviour it doesn’t have to be a barrier for women looking to achieve in business. And, thanks to the brilliant minds of Tim Cullen, Alison McQuater and the Said Business School, the Women of the Future network now knows a few of those trade secrets.
The recent Women in Negotiation day in Oxford was great for confidence boosting and giving liked-minded women the chance to come together and realise that they, too, can make a difference and find a voice in their organisations and careers.
It’s no mean feat to take a room of ambitious women and salt dough handprint help turn them into skilled negotiators. What each of the exercises and role playing sessions actually demonstrated, however, was that women do, in fact, have all the characteristics necessary to have real influence.
They just need to believe in them.
Successful negotiation isn’t about ruthless behaviour and underhand tactics. It’s about relationship building, honesty and integrity, listening and understanding the salt Dough Recipe motivations of the person you are trying to persuade. An authentic approach leads to partnerships based on trust. And, empathy not aggression, will take you a long way.
Could you secure a good price by digging the dirt and lying about what’s achievable, knowing you can manage expectations once the contract is signed? Possibly. Would it be a good working relationship and would they ever work with you again? Probably not.
A day that reminds us all we can be true to ourselves and get results, is a good day. A day that also reminds us about the importance of connecting inspiring women, is a very good day indeed.
Thank you Said Business School and Women of the Future for helping us take a step back to recognise how we can move forward successfully.
Article by Jackie Scully, winner of the Community Spirits Award 2015